Getting Healthier while staying in: Lockdown Edition

We are all going through a difficult time in our lives. It’s challenging to stay indoors and not having the option to move around freely. But, this is the need of the hour and we must stay strong and contribute by following the guidelines to control the situation.With the world on a standstill, it is […]

5 Mistakes to Avoid when Working Out at Home

The last few months have changed our lifestyle & working out at home is the “New Normal”. Most of us are finding ways to stay fit at home & there is a positive change amongst people’s approach to fitness.Everyone has taken a step towards adopting a healthy lifestyle byregularly exercising, eating healthy & staying active. […]

This 15 min workout is all you need to get your full body moving

Finding it challenging to step out in this heat for a workout? Well, the good news is that you can get a full body workout anywhere you want. You don’t need any equipment, just 15 minutes of your day to challenge your body! Try this workout by Founder of Fitness.Trail, Shivangi Sarda which will help […]

Easy Tips to Stay Fit this Winter

The season has arrived when most of us will trade anything for those extra 5 minutes of sleep on a chilly morning. While exercising in the cold weather is tough, working out in the cold is extremely important to stay healthy. The biggest challenge, undoubtedly, is staying active and following a regular workout regime. Read […]